Symbolism of Simon in Lord of the Flies

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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Do you know someone who naturally brings out the good in people, or who always does the right thing no matter what? Simon is a shy, kind, hardworking boy who always puts others first. He tries to warn everyone on the island that there is not a beast but because he tries to do what he knows is right he gets killed by the other boys. Simon is one of the important characters in Lord of the Flies. He is one of the important characters in the novel because he represented the struggle between good and evil inside of people, nature, and Jesus or religion. The first thing that Simon represents is the struggle of good vs. evil in people because he is always putting others first and doing what is right but, at the same time, he is the only one that interacts with the Lord of the Flies, who could represent evil. Simon was the only one that helped Ralph build the shelters while everyone else was goofing off. He also helped the littluns get fresh fruit from the trees instead of letting them eat the fruit on the ground that could make them sick. Those are both things that show the good people can do. His interaction with the Lord of the Flies was more than likely a hallucination of some sort because a pig’s head on a stick cannot talk. The Lord of the Flies is evil and wants the boys to hurt or kill each other and, since he is a hallucination, it shows that there is an evil part of Simon that he tries to suppress or he may not even know is there. The second thing that Simon represents is nature because he goes into the forest on his own to surround himself with nature and appreciate its beauty and does not harm the plants or animals around him. Once Simon is done working and helping the littluns he goes into a clearing in the jungle and hides in a tangle of vines. He sits there and just listens to the sounds of the jungle and ocean and watches the animals. As he listens and watches he seems completely absorbed and at peace with nature. He is also the one who pointed out the...
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