Sylvia "A White Heron"

Topics: Great Blue Heron, Herons, Man Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Sylvia “A White Heron”
In “A White Heron”, there was a young girl named Sylvia, for the first eight years of her life she had lived in a city environment. Sylvia then came to live with her grandmother in a country setting. This is where Sylvia became alive and one with nature. During her travel through the country side one morning she noticed a man who was searching for a white heron that he had seen a few weeks ago. At first Sylvia was scared of this man, he carried a gun and killed white heron’s, although he really cared for this animal. As Sylvia spent time with this man, she began to really like him. Sylvia is a lost young country girl who is torn between her love for the young man who collects birds and her love for nature and its beauty.

While living in the farm house her only companion seems to be a cow. Although it may seem like Sylvia is lonely she really isn’t. She is happier in the country then she would be in a city setting. Sylvia spends all day at one with nature while at the farm. While the young man is intensively looking for the white heron, he winds up coming through her territory which makes Sylvia extremely upset. He apologizes to Sylvia and tries to explain that he got lost, but she becomes so upset that she labels him the “enemy” in the beginning. Sylvia feels threatened by him and becomes fearful.

The young man tries to get Sylvia to lead him to the white heron by offering her ten dollars as a reward. Although Sylvia loves nature, and everything about it she thinks about how poor she really is and all the things that the ten dollars could buy. The money offering to Sylvia disrupted her sense of loyalty to nature. But as Sylvia spent time together with this man she found him appealing. Sylvia’s heart became excited from this man and although she was only a child her heart became filled with love towards this man that she had only came to know. Sylvia admired him so much, she had never met a man so “charming.”

Sylvia knew where...
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