Syllabus of Rtu Ece Branch

Topics: Electronic engineering, Logic gate, Operational amplifier Pages: 44 (13430 words) Published: April 20, 2013
3EC1 MATHEMATICS-III UNIT 1: LAPLACE TRANSFORM - Laplace transform with its simple properties, applications to the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations having constant co-efficients with special reference to the wave and diffusion equations. UNIT 2: FOURIER SERIES & Z TRANSFORM – Expansion of simple functions in fourier series. Half range series, Change of intervals, Harmonic analysis. Z TRANSFORM - Introduction, Properties, Inverse Z Transform. UNIT 3: FOURIER TRANSFORM - Complex form of Fourier Transform and its inverse, Fourier sine and cosine transform and their inversion. Applications of Fourier Transform to solution of partial differential equations having constant co-efficient with special reference to heat equation and wave equation. UNIT 4: COMPLEX VARIABLES - Analytic functions, Cauchy-Riemann equations, Elementary conformal mapping with simple applications, Line integral in complex domain, Cauchy;s theorem. Cauchy’s integral formula. UNIT 5: COMPLEX VARIABLES -Taylor’s series Laurent’s series poles, Residues, Evaluation of simple definite real integrals using the theorem of residues. Simple contour integration. BOOKS • Engineering Mathematics, T Veerarajan, TMH • Mathematical Techniques, Jordan, Oxford • Advance Engineering Mathematics, Potter, Oxford • Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Irvin Kreyszig, Wiley • Mathematical Methods, Dutta, D., New Age • Text BOOK Of Engineering Mathematics, Dutta, New Age

3EC2 - ELECTRONIC DEVICES & CIRCUITS UNIT 1: SEMICONDUCTOR PHYSICS: Mobility and conductivity, charge densities in a semiconductor, Fermi Dirac distribution, carrier concentrations and fermi levels in emiconductor, Generation and recombination of charges, diffusion and continuity equation, Mass action Law, Hall effect. UNIT 2: Junction diodes, Diode as a ckt. element, load line concept, clipping and clamping circuits, Voltage multipliers. Construction, characteristics and working principles of UJT UNIT 3: Transistor characteristics, Current components, Current gains: alpha and beta. Operating point. Hybrid model, h-parameter equivalent circuits. CE, CB and CC configuration. DC and AC analysis of CE, CC and CB amplifiers. Ebers-Moll model. Biasing & stabilization techniques. Thermal runaway, Thermal stability. UNIT 4: JFET, MOSFET, Equivalent circuits and biasing of JFET's & MOSFET’s. Low requency CS and CD JFET amplifiers. FET as a voltage variable resistor. UNIT 5: SMALL SIGNAL AMPLIFIERS AT LOW FREQUENCY: Analysis of BJT and FET, DC and RC coupled amplifiers. Frequency response, midband gain, gains at low and high requency. Analysis of DC and differential amplifiers, Miller's Theorem. Cascading Transistor amplifiers, Darlington pair. Emitter follower, source follower. BOOKS • Millman's Integrated Electronics, Millman &Parekh, TMH • Electronic Devices And Circuits, Salivahanan, TMH • Millnman’s Electronic Devices And Circuits (Special Indian Edition), Millman & Halkias, TMH • Electronic Devices And Circuits, Bogart, Pearson • Electronic Devices And Circuit Theory, Boylestad, Pearson • Electronic Devices And Circuits, Cheruku, Pearson • Electronic Devices, Floyd, Pearson • Basic Electronics, Ghatak, Pearson • Electronic Devices And Circuits (For Jntu), Rao, Pearson • Electronic Devices And Circuits, Bell, Oxford • Semiconductor Devices: Modelling And Technology, Nandita Dasgupta, PHI • Electronic Devices And Circuits: An Introduction, Allen Mottershead, PHI • Electronic Devices And Circuits, I.J. Nagrath, PHI • Electronic Devices And Applications, B. Somanathan Nair, PHI • Electronic Devices And Circuits, Balbir Kumar, PHI • Electron Devices And Circuits, Chattopadhayay.D, Rakshit, P.C, New Age • A Text • BOOK Of Electronics, Kakani, S.L.Bhandari, K.C, New Age • Electronic Devices And Circuits, S.K.Sahdev, Na, Dhanpatrai

3EC3- CIRCUIT ANALYSIS & SYNTHESIS UNIT 1: NETWORK THEOREMS AND ELEMENTS:Thevenin’s, Norton’s, Reciprocity, Superposition, Compensation, Miller’s, Tellegen’s and...
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