Swot: Film and Warner Bros.

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Warner Bros
SWOT Analysis
* Warner Bros. is one of the largest movie producers in the world and is recognized internationally. With this high brand reputation as an entertainment leader, Warner Bros. has a strong competitive advantage. * As a huge company, Warner Bros. possesses large funds and enough resources to produce high quality movies and effectively market them without partnering with other parties. These funds also allow this company to hire the most popular actors, writers, and directors. * With its strengths, Warner Bros. has produced many box office hits and earned significant revenues both domestically and internationally from ticket sales, DVD sales, rentals, and television. Weaknesses

* One weakness, which affects all movie studios, is that there is no concrete process for selecting which films are made. Due to this issue, the company develops ten ideas at once but eventually only one of them is made into a film. This costs the company both time and money. Moreover, film productions are well known for running past deadlines; a reported 35% of the movies are behind schedule and take more time than expected. In fact, they say “5% of delayed films account for 80% of total cost overruns. Opportunities

* The entertainment industry is very competitive and Warner Bros. can improve its position by taking certain actions such as improving its international appeal. * The film industry is growing rapidly abroad and we cannot afford to ignore this. In order to be more attractive internationally, Warner Bros. must hire more stars that have international recognition, as well as be careful of the genres of its films. * In order to stay competitive, Warner Bros. should continue to invest in better, including 3-D technology, IMAX, and blu-ray disc releases. * Finally, since Warner Brothers is a powerhouse, it has the opportunity to engage in partnerships on its own terms. This company must exploit their position to seek...
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