Swot Analysis of Petronas

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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* Has marketing arm of government, which allows them to have prerogative on land rights approbation on highways and premier lands. * Achieves No.2 in ranking of terms in barter market share in Malaysia because they have vigorous barter network of 923 petrol station as at 31st March 2009, which is the most widely network in Malaysia. * Become a dominant of the marketplace with integrated market shares of 44.1% W-weaknesses

* Decrease in annual income prove by the results of financial year ended on 31st March 2010 that shown the company’s revenue is RM216.40 billion, which is under a complicated operating condition. * Petronas is a non-independence company, which is owned by Government in Malaysia. This cause Petronas lost its sovereignty because the politicians is possible to obstruct the task carried out by the company. * The rise capacity for profits expansion is limited due to the acute competition of commercial part squeeze profits. O-opportunities

* Capability to obtain market shares due to their ascendancy in competition. * Network expansion plan is successfully carry out because more land sites is permitted by government to build petrol station. * Extension of shares in market by M&A of small players. T-treats

* Sales volume falling when the economic condition is exacerbating. * The demand of advanced public transportation is become lesser as many consumer are currently preferred public transports instead of personal own cars. * Higher prices of base oil will cause higher cost for product of petroleum and operation costs.
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