Swot Analysis for Walmart

Topics: Wal-Mart, Sam Walton, S. Robson Walton Pages: 4 (1637 words) Published: June 27, 2012
SWOT Analysis for Walmart
Fay Stewart
February 1, 2012
Audrey Ellison

A SWOT analysis looks at the strengths and weaknesses of a company and the opportunities and threats. When used in business it can help a company carve a sustainable niche in the market. A SWOT analysis can be a powerful tool that can assist a company in uncovering opportunities that they can exploit. If a company can comprehend their weaknesses they can then manage and eliminate threats that would otherwise have caught them off guard. By a company looking at themselves and their competitors and using this tool, a company can come up with a strategy that will set them apart from their competitors. Background

Sam Walton had a dream of being able to compete with regional discount stores. He traveled the country in the 1950’s to study discount retailing. While traveling the country he saw that consumers wanted a new kind of store. In 1962 the Walton opened their first Walmart Store in Bentonville Arkansas. That same year Kmart and Target opened their first stores. Sam Walton’s vision was clearly stated, “If we work together, we’ll lower the cost of living for everyone… we’ll give the world an opportunity to see what it’s like to save and have a better life” (Walmart, Our Purpose, 2012). The statement is the focus of what Walmart is and does. Sam Walton built the company on values and morals guiding them to be one of the world’s most admired companies. Respect is the center of every rule and custom made. Respect is their focus when constructing relationships including their customers, suppliers, and employees.

Walmart has grown from discount stores, to supercenters, to neighborhood markets, to express store, to online shopping. Walmart expanded in 1983 by opening the first Sam’s Club in Oklahoma (Walmart, 2012. About Us, Sam’s Club). Walmart went global in 1991 when a Sam’s Club was opened near Mexico City and lead to the creation of the Walmart International...
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