Sweetwater Case Analysis

Topics: Drinking water, Water purification, Water supply network Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Marilyn Pineda
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Sweetwater Case
Submitted January 14, 2013

Sweetwater Case Questions
1. From your point-of-view, what are the most important user needs in the water purification market? To save space, the entire list of important user needs is shown in the Table below along with Kano structure categories. The most important needs are designated “Must Haves” in Question 2: The two Water Quality criteria, the ability to pump through the unit directly into drinking water containers, the two ergonomic operations criteria, safety and environmental soundness of operations and any disposal required. 2. Using the Kano structure, assign these users needs to the categories (1) Must Have, (2) Linear Satisfier, (3) Delighter, and (4) Indifferent.

Water Quality – Aesthetic -- no visible dirt or particulates, no unpleasant tastes or odors| (1) Must Have| Water Quality – Healthy -- close to 100% removal of pathogens, pesticides and other toxic chemicals| (1) Must Have| Product Design - Lightweight – a normal adult can carry it in backpack along with other outdoor gear.| (2) Linear Satisfier| Product Design - Sized to fit in backpack or packaged on its own with attachment (snaps onto, zips onto?) to other backpacks / gear the user will be carrying. Alternately packaging could be designed to be complementary with a backpack.| (2) Linear Satisfier| Product Design - Easy connection of outlet to canteen or water bottle. Bottles for each user provided with device.| (1) Must Have| Product Design - Robust – Parts won’t break easily, considering the expected use case of an outdoor expedition.| (2) Linear Satisfier| Product Design - Stylish look, designer colors| (4) Indifferent| Product Design – Safe for user to operate, no toxic chemicals, sharp edges, shatterproof. Environmentally sound| (1) Must Have| Operation - One person can assemble the device and work the pump (don’t need to have 3 hands)...
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