Topics: South Africa, Economics, Immune system Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Death tolls in Swaziland continue to rise while mounting pressure of the economy and lack of control brings Swaziland to the brink of disaster. Bordered between South Africa and Mozambique, Swaziland is a tiny country that contains 1.2 million citizens. This country was promised independence by the British in the late 19th century. It was then granted to Swaziland in 1968. The current leader of Swaziland is King Mwsati III and the Deputy Prime Minister is Themba Masuka. While balancing a monarchy government and a crippled economy, King Mwsati is trying everything in his power to get Swaziland back on track. The death toll of HIV/AIDS is getting worse because of the lack of money the government funds to help prevent this deadly disease. Due to the consistent low Gross Domestic Product Swaziland receives each year, the government struggles to provide money which could help the country by offering education, treatment, and medicine.

HIV/AIDS has taken over almost the entire country of Swaziland’s 1.2 million citizens. Swaziland’s biggest problem continues to be the extremely high death toll due to a disease known as HIV/AIDS. According to Avert.com, “HIV is a virus that can only infect human beings”. This virus weakens your immune system by destroying important cells that fight diseases and continues to reproduce throughout the entire human body, if it goes untreated. AIDS is the final stage of the HIV infection. You retain the disease when your immune system is not working properly, or in other words, when your immune system becomes ‘deficient’. This disease can spread dramatically through contact with an affected person’s body fluids from sharing hypodermic needles associated with drugs. Currently in Swaziland, about three in every one hundred people are infected with HIV and about seven thousand people die each year. More than seventy thousand children have been orphaned throughout the country because they have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The...
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