Swarovski Branding Strategies & Products

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SWAROVSKI. Branding for luxury goods
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1 History
2 Concept
3 Brand Strategy
4 Marketing Mix
5 Positioning
6 Services
7 Target Consumer
8 CBBE Pyramid
9 SWOT analysis
10 Competitors
11 Recommendation
12 References


1882 Daniel Swarovski (1862-1956) invents a revolutionary machine that allows crystals to be cut more precisely than with existing manual methods.

1895 Daniel Swarovski founds the company in Wattens, Tyrol, with the vision of bringing joy to people through crystal. His guiding principle is still followed by the company today: “To constantly improve what is good.”

1949 SWAROVSKI OPTIK is founded, and goes on to become a leading manufacturer of precision optical instruments for hunting and nature observation (binoculars, telescopes, rifle scopes, range finders, and night vision and optronic devices).

1956 The first Swarovski crystals for chandeliers and lighting are launched, and in 1977 are registered under the STRASS Swarovski Crystal name. Today they adorn classical chandeliers, suche as those in the Palace of Versailles and the Metropolitan Opera, New York, as well as more modern lights. Swarovski starts to manufacture precision-cut gemstones.

2002 Swarovski develops Crystal Fabric: countless tiny crystals create a delicate shimmer over a variety of materials.

2003 In conjuction with leading fashion and jewelry designers, “Runway Rocks” is founded - a collection of unique jewelry pieces featuring crystal for the catwalk, showcasing design and innovation

2009 At the “Baselword” watch and jewerly exhibition, Swarovski launches its first watch collection.


More than a century ago, Daniel Swarovski, its founder, once said “A diamond of everyone" that sparkles everyone's lives, Swarovski today has been thriving for the best to serve its customers, being one of the finest crystal producers in today’s global industry.


Through the mastery of the poetry of precision we continue to be market leader, driving force and reliable partner within our industry to meet people’s desire for adornment and delight since 1895 as

* manufacturer, marketer, and retailer of premium jewelry and customer products ranging from decorative objects to lighting and accessories. * manufacturer and marketer of premium jewelry stones for customers. * Swarovski provides high quality products and services and anticipate, fulfill and exceed consumers’ desires and customers’ needs. * Swarovski offers our colleagues and teams fulfilling challenges that inspire them to be innovative and creative.


Not so long ago Swarovski was not very famous and didn't have any branding strategies. 'For a long time Swarovski didn't "brand" its product. And back then it wasn't really about branding as it is nowadays. We had to develop a hard-core communications strategy - a PR strategy - which we pitched to the editors and designers.' said Nadja Swarovski, Swarovksi Vice president of International Communications.

Today, Swarovski is almost omnipresent everywhere from fashion awards, catwalk shows, film premieres; its crystals are used by fashion designers from the edgiest Central Saint Martins graduate to the hallowed ateliers of Armani, Dior and Chanel.

This is where the real success of Swarovski lies: by aligning the company with the most avant-garde young fashion talent.

When the hottest British designers of the time, Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy and Julien Macdonald used Swarovski crystal mesh - a fine fishnet gauze studded with tiny crystals - in his catwalk show, it immediately changed people's perception of the brand. 'The McQueen show provided a visual that was very different to the standard idea people had of us,' Nadja says. The company then began to re-establish the company's links with the fashion...
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