Svenska Handelsbanken Case Analysis

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1. Answer to case "Svenska Handelsbanken"
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1. Using the 7S-model, describe what are the elements and the linkages in Svenska Handelsbanken. Which one of the 7 components is vital? Provide arguments for each of your descriptions, and not mere conclusions. 7 S model consists of 7 elements which are Strategy,Structure, System, Shared Value, Style, Staff, Skills. Applying 7S model to Handelsbanken : Strategy : cost-efficiency => "low cost" competition. doing safe investment, avoiding speculation. (risk control) international expansion. differentiate with customized service/products, targeting for those "picky" customer concerning about quality of service. use "network effect" for marketing. (use word of mouth to market their products). focus on small / middle sized customers. open branches close to those giant corporates. provide financial support to Nordic companies who expand internationally. Structure: Handesbanken is a typical decentralized (in term of division/geography) company, which consists of many autonomous branches. Those autonomous branches have large amount of control and responsiblity. flat management : The only layers between branches and CEO is a group of 11 regional manager. therefore the hierarchy of whole company is very flat. (add CFO or something else .... ) System : there is no top-down goal setting and annual budgeting. branches compete with each other in term of RoE => league table

HRM system => incentive system, employee holdings (Trust company). (put into System or Staff or Share Value, ?????) Risk control bottom-up product development process. cost management system (both committee and branch manager), ???? Shared Value: (culture) core : customer-oriented. (need better wording ??) culture of thrift. senor of ownership => from employee level to branch level.

people recognition innovation ??? growing people (??) Autonomous (structure...
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