Sustainability and Waste Management

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Waste Management
Sustainability is very important when it comes to our environment and the removal of our waste. Why should we remove our waste properly and what are the benefits of removing of it properly? For starters leaving waste in the environment can seriously damage wildlife kill major ecosystems and so on, not to mention the unsightliness of it and smell in our homes and neighborhoods. There are also great benefits to removing waste properly like cost to an individual it can help you save a lot of money. It will keep are environment clean and full of life and leave the earth better for future generation.

There are three simple ways that most companies use to help decrease the amount of waste we put out in the world and they are reducing, reuse, and recycle. These are three simple ways to better help our environment. Reducing is very simple if we reduce the amount of trash we use there will be less to throw away like using reseal able bags and containers that can be used again or finding ways to not use waste in the first place. Reusing is also simple like I stated above using thing over and over again will cut down on the waste we put out. Recycling is something that may be more difficult for most people to do but can help tons in waste management recycling is the simple act of taking something that was used and making it into another product that is usable for someone else.

When it comes to not disposing of our waste properly and hurting wildlife most people underestimate how much throwing a piece of trash on the ground is really hurting our environment. Most people believe that if I throw this on the ground it should dissolve in a few days but that is not the case it takes up to thirty years for a piece of plastic to dissolve in the ground and over fifty years for a simple six pack holder. Disposing of waste on the ground also brings around critters that are not wanted in our environment like rats and raccoons. So just think about that for...
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