Sustainability and International Business Transactions Assessment Autumn 2012

Topics: Soviet Union, Cold War, European Union Pages: 4 (1070 words) Published: May 12, 2013

Gubengi is a State on the coast of the north western corner of Africa. In 1762 Gubengi was invaded by France who established a trading outpost for ships sailing to the Americas. Between 1762 and 1857 the French imposed their legal system, their laws and the French system of government on the people of Gubengi. In 1857 the French government decided to consolidate their interest in Africa. Consequently, the French appointed the ruler of the Mashontis, a local tribe, as the head of Gubengi and transferred all judicial and political power to him. The French then withdraw all their interests and ties with Gubengi. The current leader attempted to regain the values and way of life which had been decimated as a result of almost 100 years of French rule. The Gubengians developed a strong sense of national identity and pride but were unable to implement any judicial, legal or political superstructure that was left to them by the French. This resulted in the citizens of Gubengi migrating into different tribes throughout the country with each tribe having an elected leader. In this capacity, Gubengi functioned primarily as a self sufficient and stable agrarian country albeit a very poor and underdeveloped one. In 1947, the then Soviet Union, seized the opportunity to give financial assistance to Gubengi in return for utilising the country as a sphere of influence. In order to facilitate this, the Kremlin appointed the leader of the Bakanis, another local tribe who had grown to prominence over the last couple of decades. This caused friction with the Mashontis who believed they were the rightful leaders of Gubengi. The Soviet Union maintained its influence and support for the Bakanis until the end of the cold war. In 1991 the Soviet Union withdrew from Gubengi and severed all relations and ties with the country. Following the Soviet withdrawal the country was thrust into a civil war. The Mashontis and Bukanis fought for control and armed themselves with weapons...
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