Suspense Story

Topics: Family, Son, The Little Girl Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Michelle Cisneros

One night, i looked out the window, and i saw the neighbor disappear into his hallway. It was very strange, and i was very puzzled. So i decided to go help him. It was up to Chris and I to help him.

I made a very stupid decision, and because of that decision, i was under house arrest. Luckily, the court only had me under house arrest until the sixteenth, that was in about a week and a half. Even knowing that, i dreaded being in my house all day, not knowing what to do. So, i got in the habit of paying attention to what the neighbors did around me. It had been a week, and the only exciting things i had seen were the little boys across the street watching rated R movies while their parents were away.

Until recently, there was two new neighbors. It was a family of three, a couple with a son. The other neighbor was a single man. My mom, being the "friendly" neighbor, went to go welcome the family and the new man. As usual, she invited them for dinner.

That night, something i was not looking forward to, was very strange. The Ramirez family came over on time, at seven o'clock sharp. Mr. Henderson was late - thirty minutes late, to be exact. Of course, we had to wait for him so we could eat. That made me mad, because i was hungry. Once we began to eat, everything seemed normal. Everyone seemed to be getting to know each other, even the son of the Ramirez family was getting along with me. Everything seemed to be normal until, Mr. Henderson's phone rang and he decided he needed to answer the phone call. He looked quite scared when he was talking on the phone, but i decided to ignore it. Once he was done with the phone call, he gave his sincerest apologies and he left.

After maybe another hour, dinner was over. As the Ramirez family was leaving, Chris, their son, asked if he could spend the night at my house, since we became good friends right away. That night, while we were in my room, we were looking outside of my...
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