Susan B. Anthony: The Guilt Rests on the North and the South

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Response Essay To Susan B. Anthony Quote
In 1855 a potato famine caused Irish immigrants to flee Ireland in search of a better life. In 1857, many of these immigrants arrived in the America for the plentiful job opportunities. Mills in Lewistown, Maine, and Lowell, Massachusetts sprung up overnight to provide these people with jobs. However, soon these immigrants found that their new lives were far more difficult in the land of the free than they imagined. What they found was a system similar to that of the south, where the working classes was mistreated and underpaid by the rich and powerful. The leader of the Women’s Rights Movement, Susan B. Anthony, said this: “The men and the women of the North are slave-holders, those of the South slave-owners. The guild rests on the North equally with the South.” Susan B. Anthony meant that the laborers in the North and slaves in the South were treated the same; that is, unfairly.

Susan B. Anthony believes in many things, but she believes the men and women of the north are slaveholders. There are many reasons Susan B. Anthony believes they are slaveholders, one of the reasons is that men got paid .85 cents t $2.00 a day, when the women only got .40 cents to .80 a day. Not only that, but these men and women from the north had to work from sunrise to sunset for very little pay. Also, these machines the people of the north worked on every single day for 12 hours were very dangerous because if you worked with 500 looms in operation for 12 hours a day you can go deaf and you can get bad lungs from all the injurious dust flying around. Lastly, they made little kids about the age of 10 work with the looms and that caused serious damage to their insides and outsides because if something gets caught in the machine the little kid is going to get it out because he has smaller hands, but he will lose some of his digits in the process.

The men and women in the south are known as slaveowners to Susan B. Anthony because...
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