Susan B. Anthony

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Susan B. Anthony

Susan Brownell Anthony was the pioneer and key spokesperson for the 19th century

women's suffrage movement. She was and activist, reformer, teacher, and lecturer. Anthony

was born in South Adams, Massachusetts, 15 Feb., 1820. The second of eight children, Susan

learned to read and write at age three. In 1826, when she was six years old, the family moved to

Battenville, New York. Susan attended a local district school, where a teacher refused to teach

her long division due to her gender. When her father learned this, he took Susan and her sisters

out of the district school and placed them in a group homeschool that he founded. Mary Perkins,

a teacher in the home school, offered a new and daring image of womanhood to Susan and her

sisters, undoubtedly fostering Susan's strong beliefs towards female equality and women's rights.

In 1848 Susan B. Anthony was working as a teacher in Canajoharie, New York and

became involved with the teacher’s union when she discovered that male teachers had a monthly

salary of $10.00, while the female teachers earned $2.50 a month. This inspired her to fight for

women teachers to obtain wages equivalent to those of male teachers. Eventually she would be

fired from her position. During the war she devoted herself to the women's loyal league, which

petitioned congress in favor of the 13th amendment. In 1860 she started a petition in favor of

leaving out the word " male" in the 14th amend-merit, and worked with the national woman

suffrage association to induce congress to secure to her sex the right of voting. In 1867 she went

to Kansas with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucy Stone, and there obtained 9,000 votes in favor

of woman suffrage.

Anthony’s experience with the teacher’s union, temperance and antislavery reforms, and

Quaker upbringing, laid fertile ground for a career in women’s rights reform to growSusan B.

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