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Education is important in nearly every occupation you could ever think of. To be a surgeon you have to go through Eight years of education and three years of residency, that totals up to 11 years of education. After students complete their undergraduate education, they must compete for entry into a medical school and then enter into an internship or residency. Specialized surgical residency is a two to eight year process, with ER doctors and neurosurgeons have the shortest residency times. This works out for me because I want to be a neurosurgeon, and since they have the shortest residency time, I won't have to lose time in the education process of it, I'll be able to get my feet wet early and get hands on experience (physicians and surgeon).

The working conditions for surgeons are 60 hours or more a week in small private offices or clinics, assisted by a staff of nurses and administrative personnel. It also involves long or irregular hours, combined with long periods of standing while performing surgeries. Both physicians and surgeons may be required to attend to patients on-call, with physicians traveling to hospitals and nursing homes to deal with emergencies (physicians and surgeon).

For all the training and hardship required, physicians and surgeons enjoy some of the highest salaries of any occupation. Surgeons in general practice with over one year in specialty saw median earnings of $282,504. A doctor with over a year experience in family practice earns $156,010 on average. Anesthesiologists earn some of the highest salaries in the profession; those with over a year in specialty earn an average $321,686 yearly. (Physicians and surgeon).

How did you get started?

I became interested in medicine because I had a brain tumor when I was nine months old, so I was around a lot of doctors. I also watched the Donna Reed Show where Donna Reed’s husband was a pediatrician and I thought he had a nice life. And that’s the truth (interview).

What do you...
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