Supreme Court Case Paper

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Supreme Court Case

Supreme Court Case

The discovery of unethical billing alongside unethical accounting practices provoked a chain reaction towards a hospital accountant by the name of Rehberg. An accountant trying to serve justice was entangled in a web of lies. Rehberg vs. Paulk is a very interesting Supreme Court case. Rehberg vs. Paulk embodied much of the injustice that is not presented to the public when sworn officials break the very laws that are supposed to be protected. The Rehberg vs. Paulk case provides controversy among different jurisdictions within the judicial system and gives examples of the different elements of crime within the case.

Although Rehberg was doing his job, he discovered unethical billing and accounting practices occurring within the hospital which he was working at. Rehberg collected evidence regarding the illegal practices that were taking place at the hospital. He sent facsimiles of the evidence to his Congressman, the community, and hospital members. When the hospital gathered knowledge about the facsimiles, the hospital ordered that an investigation be initiated to figure out who sent the facsimile messages of the unethical practices that were occurring in the hospital. Paulk, an investigator for the district attorney with ties to the hospital, acquired knowledge that Rehberg sent the facsimiles out. Paulk testified three times at three different grand juries to secure an indictment against Rehberg. During Paulk’s testimony, he falsified his testimony against Rehberg stating that Rehberg retrieved documents by breaking into a doctor’s home and stealing the documents. The doctor was employed by the hospital, which illegal procedures were occurring in accounting. Paulk also accused Rehberg of Assault on the doctor who was burglarized and had six counts of engaging in harassing telephone calls (566 U.S.).

The first indictment was nol-prossed due to investigator Paulk’s...
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