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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Narcotics Anonymous: Support Group Report
Laketha Brown
Liberty University
Dr. Margo Farwell
HSER 511

Narcotics Anonymous: Support Group Report
Group Counseling
With individuals batting all types of addiction in today’s society, different types of therapies have become available to help individuals overcome these obstacles. Studies are showing that some individuals may be benefit from group therapy or group counseling. However, group therapy may not be beneficial to everyone. “Individuals who do not want to be or are not ready to be in a group can disrupt it or be harmed because group pressure may cause them to take some action or self-disclose before they are ready” (Jacobs, Masson, & Harvill, 2012). Another reason why group therapy may not be beneficial to some individuals is because their problems cannot be addressed adequately within the allotted amount of time. If a leader identifies a member that needs more than group therapy can provide or identifies a member that has the potential to be disruptive, the leader should encourage the member to consider individual counseling (Jacobs, Masson, & Harvill, 2012). Self-help Group

Group therapy has evolved so much that the participant are learning how to help themselves and others. Self-help groups are one of the most popular forms of group therapy. One of the most known self-help groups is Alcoholics Anonymous also known as A.A. (Jacobs, Masson, & Harvill, 2012). A.A. follows a twelve step model. In addition to A.A., they are other self –help groups such as Gamblers Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous just to name a few. Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous uses the same model as Alcoholics Anonymous. The members must work through twelve steps. The group meetings are led only by members, not professionals. The way the group session is conducted depends on the group. Groups can have guest speakers, cover literature in their workbook, or discuss specific topics. These...
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