Supporting the National Right to Life Committee

Topics: Abortion, Roe v. Wade, Health care Pages: 5 (1840 words) Published: December 2, 2009
Supporting the National Right to Life Committee
"Call now and you can ...", "For less than ten cents a day ...", "Come and show your support by ...", do any of these popular attempts at getting consumers to support organizations sound familiar? They should, because many non-profit organizations will use these slogans to get consumers to not only donate money, but also time and sponsorship. The National Right to Life Committee is no exception to this type of soliciting. The National Right to Life Committee tries to appeal to most Americans who are pro-life or pro-choice, utilize "non-traditional" support methods, continue to gain support even through these economic times, and use all the elements, mostly pathos, to persuade consumers to support the fight against abortions. The National Right to Life Committee was "founded in 1973 in response to a United States Supreme Court decision released on January 22nd of that year, legalizing the practice of human abortion in all fifty states, throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy" (NRL Website). After that decision the National Right to Life organization spread like wild fire and currently has representatives in all fifty states. Pro-life citizens strongly oppose any form of abortion and believe there is always another option. During the Supreme court proceedings "Counsel for the state of Texas argued that human life begins at conception and that therefore fertilized ova, blastocysts, embryos, and fetuses alike are 'persons' under the Fourteenth Amendment and have their own rights under the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses" (Balkin). However, the National Right to Life Committee has been in the news recently because of how strongly they oppose the new health care reform that is, at this very moment, trying to get passed in congress. The reason they strongly oppose this reform is because it supports abortion. This means that all citizens of this country that pay taxes will be funding abortions regardless of their personal beliefs. Interestingly enough, the National Right to Life Committee will not just roll over and let this happen. In fact, on the front cover of the September 2009 issue of National Right to Life News it has a picture of a woman, with her child by her side, holding a sign that says "ABORTION IS NOT HEALTHCARE" (NRLN) and the title of this issue reads "Grassroots Gear Up to Prevent Health Care Reform From Funding Abortion and Rationing Care" (NRLN). They are in desperate need to get consumers to support their cause and stop this health care reform as long as funding abortions is still a part of the reform. Many would think that the National Right to Life Committee tries to only appeal to the people who are pro-life or women contemplating abortion, but that is not true. They use all different types of tactics to appeal to almost anyone of any age who are considering abortion, including men. They also do a very good job at appealing to men who are pro-life and try to get them to support the National Right to Life Committee, as well. Right now especially, the National Right to Life Committee is focused on the health care reform and trying to stop abortion from being included in that reform. If this bill passes that means that everyone that works is helping to fund abortions and not everyone, especially pro-life citizens, want to support the killing of an unborn child. The National Right to Life Committee needs all the help they can get at this point in time. They are looking for anyone to write to their congressmen and senators and tell them to "oppose H.R. 3200" and "the Affordable Health Choices Act" and oppose any other bill that does not exclude abortions. (NRLN). They go so far, in their newspaper, as to give you email addresses and telephone numbers in which the public may get in touch with their states representatives to oppose these bills that include funding abortions. The National Right to Life Committee is not only...
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