Supply Chain

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Hindustan Pencils Limited is the largest primary school stationary manufacturing company in India. They were established in 1958 & have mastered the art of making high quality stationary products. With the latest machinery set up, today our state of the art manufacturing units daily produce 5.6 million pencils,1.2 million sharpeners, 2.3 million erasers ,0.16 million scales,0.30 million pens. In India the brands Apsara and Nataraj have emerged as household names. In other words, Hindustan Pencils Ltd. has come to personify quality at a competitive price. Keeping up with their mission statement 'Delighting consumers with globally recognize stationery' they are at present exporting our products to over 30 countries. PENCIL MANUFACTURING

1. The common pencil uses about 40 different raw materials, the basic ones being wood, graphite and clay. The indigenously grown wood brought specifically from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is first cut into slats that are as long as but only half the width of the pencil. The slats are then subjected to wood staining and grooves are cut into the slats. 2. Next, the lead, which is a mixture of micronised graphite and ball clay, is dried and inserted into these grooves. The leads are bonded, shaped and compressed to ensure that they are breakage resistant and long lasting. Each of these slats with lead is then stuck together with another slat without lead to complete the pencil. Once the pencil is created through this "sandwich" method, they are then meticulously shaped, lacquered and printed as per requirement. 3. The process results in bonded lead pencils of high calibre, about 18 cms long that can draw a line 55 kms long and on an average write about 45,000 words. The pencils that write smooth and dark are tipped at one end to indicate the end that has to be sharpened,...
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