Supply and Demand Simulation

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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Supply and Demand Simulation
University of Phoenix
ECO 365

Supply and demand is considered a basic economic concept, as well as a vital part of a free market economy. In whereas supply is the amount of something, such as a product or service, demand is the amount of the product or service that buyers want to purchase. The relationship between supply and demand has a good deal of influence on the price of goods and services. In the scenario, a number of factors, including price increases or decreases, cause change in supply and demand. For example, a decrease in the rental price of two roomed apartments caused an increase in the demand of houses by a significant margin. A rise in the population of Atlantis led to a greater demand for housing which in turn contributed to the rise in rental prices as demand-outstripped supply. As a consequence, the suppliers were eager to supply more units at improved rental prices. When the population decreased, the demand for housing fell and the available units were leased out at low prices. Naturally, the suppliers were not very keen to supply all their units to the market at depressed prices. Available substitutes affect the demand and supply of a commodity. A number of people in Atlantis owned homes in the suburbs and did not need to rent houses in the town. The demand for houses dropped and this forced the suppliers to cut back on supply or reduce rents in bid to attract more clients. Consumer tastes and preferences affect the supply and demand of goods and services in the market When consumer trends shifted from two roomed apartments to detached houses, the shift in demand for apartments fell while the demand for detached houses rose. As a result, suppliers increased the supply of detached houses. Under free market conditions, a negative shift in demand results in lower quantities demanded and as such, suppliers are inclined to reduce supply. A positive shift in demand...
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