Supercat Powerboats Case Study Analysis

Topics: Business, Marketing, Boat Pages: 4 (1427 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Given Ryan Kratz’s motivation to start new companies and his educational background in entrepreneurship and finance, I believe he should remain in the real estate business for at least one year, then focus on building his collection of businesses at various life-cycle stages. Ryan should use that year to work on maintaining the business relationship he has with Gary Wells and his father David Kratz, continue to build the backlog of SuperCat sales and concentrate on marketing, and work in real estate to build financial equity and professional relationships within the real estate industry. Ryan’s father is a serial entrepreneur and has the unique experience of vetting start-ups and building them to a particular exit strategy. In working with his father, Ryan does not need to quit real estate and immediately rush into purchasing his portfolio of companies. In “Never Bet the Farm,” Iaquinto and Spinelli recommend keeping your day job and finding a way to fit the new business venture into your work schedule by becoming a weekend entrepreneur. David Kratz supports this idea by recommending his son to work on the SuperCat business at night. Properly building businesses will take much time, research, and capital. After one year, Ryan will have more contacts through working in real estate and will have the bank loan paid off, allowing him more flexibility and greater financial stability to start the next venture. Timing is truly a factor to consider when looking for the next opportunity, and Ryan is sure to meet more people who may present another business opportunity in the real estate company where he works. Real estate offers the chance to learn intimately about clients and their financial and professional backgrounds. This network-building may lead to potential business opportunities that Ryan would not have been exposed to if he quit real estate right away. Also considering, he already accepted the position from his fellow Harvard Business School alum and he...
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