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look at some of these graduates to fuel their talent requirements. However, the definition of engineering in China varies from province to province and in some provinces technicians are also termed as engineers. The Indian IT companies have to be mindful of this while initiating their recruitment and selection process.

Infosys Technologies’ China subsidiary which was set up in 2004, now drives one-third of its revenue from the local Chinese market. Infosys China plans to

triple its current staff to 10,000 over the next 3 years. In its largest-ever investment outside India, Infosys Technologies has stated that it would invest $125-150 million in setting up its own campus in Shanghai, China. This is for the first time that Infosys has bought land

to build its own campus outside India. Most other global centers of the company operate out of rented or leased properties. The Shanghai campus will be spread over 15 acres and developed over a period of three years. Located at Zizhu Science and Technology Park in Shanghai, the campus will have a sitting capacity of 8,000 employees with facilities for software development, labs, data centers, training facilities and food courts. Besides, the campus will have a 1,500-seater auditorium, a gym and recreational centers. Infosys currently employs over 3,300 people in China. It has already invested US$ 23 million in capital. The current infrastructure can accommodate 4,200 people in China. Infosys China had revenues of over US$ 78 million in fiscal year 2011.

TCS on the other hand set up their China operations in 2002 thereby becoming the first Indian IT company

to set up operations in China. TCS currently employs 1,200 employees (January 2011) in 5 delivery centers and plans to ramp up these numbers to 5,000 in the next three years. TCS offers core banking system to four major Chinese banks including Bank of China and Hua Xia Bank.

Genpact celebrated their ten years of operations in China in 2010. Genpact reduced their cost of operations by locating their centers in sub-urban areas like they did in India, when they started their operations. The Chinese operations cater to their clients based in Japan and

Asia Pacific region. Currently, Genpact employs 3,000 employees in its China centers.

Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure Sector

With the continuing recovery and growth of the Chinese economy, the impact of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, and the commissioning of the high-speed rail networks, the China real estate market continued to expand in 2010. However, property price increases have prompted the government to implement various measures to cool down the market during the year. The predictions, therefore, are that the sector will have a lower growth in investment from its 2010 rate.

The high-end office leasing market in northern and southern China experienced rental increases and high occupancy rates, which were mainly driven by growing demand. In eastern China, office rentals in Shanghai, Nanjing and Ningbo showed moderate increases while a decline in office rentals was reported in Hangzhou in the

Doing Business with China Emerging opportunities for Indian Companies | 19

third quarter. The high-end retail leasing market in the major cities of China began to pick up in 2010 due to a return of market demand.

The government’s tightening measures have had the most significant impact on the residential sector.

Residential property sales reached a record high in early 2010 in terms of both transaction volume and selling price. To cool down the property market and discourage speculative investment, a series of cooling measures were introduced from April 2010 onwards.

Investment activities in the real estate sector remained robust in 2010 with deals dominated by domestic investors. As the first-tier cities such as Beijing and...
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