Sunrise on the Veld

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  • Published : March 20, 2007
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What is Doris LessingÕs purpose in the following extract and how effectively does she achieve it? Comment on her point of view, tone and language and any other important aspects of style.

By Adam van Sant
The extract from Sunrise on the Veld was written by Doris Lessing. He purpose is to make us feel like we are inside the head of the main character. The main character has come across a dying buck in a field and is contemplating whether to put the buck out of itÕs suffering. Lessing uses many aspects of style in her writing. Some include point of view, tone, word choice, conflict, sentence structure and atmosphere. As all of these aspects of style come together we are able to see deeper than just the words and are actually able to make our way into the head of the main character gaining greater connections with him.

The extract from Sunrise on the Veld was written in a limited omniscient point of view. This helps the author achieve her purpose because it conveys the attitude and emotions of only the main character/characters. In this extract, Doris Lessing uses limited omniscient point of view to show the emotions and feelings of the min character as he suffers to face a dying buck. Because of this writing style the author is able to show us deeper into the thought processes and emotions of the main character. For example, when the author writes, Ò(He) felt in his own limbs the myriad swarming pain of the twitching animalÉÓ If the author had not used this writing style, we would not know that the main character feels physical pain because of the bucks suffering. This knowledge is able to give us more of a connection towards the main character as we know his deepest feelings.

The author, Doris LessingÕs word choice helps to portray the emotional attachment in which the main character feels towards the buck. Lessing uses the word ÔIÕ a lot, especially at the beginning of the extract, when describing the thoughts the character has...
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