Summery of Integrity Equality & Diversity

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Summery of Integrity Equality & Diversity
(summary of findings, analysed in the context of the my own teaching practice)

Integrity in the Classroom
Maintaining integrity can be accomplished by good teachers. One of the key strategies to implement is to learn how to speak so that the students will actively listen to you, and how to listen so that they will actively speak to you as the teacher. Integrity means that you do as you say, not simply telling the students to act one way while you act another. Without integrity, the equilibrium of the classroom will be compromised, and it will be hard to bring the students back into the fold. Integrity is an essential character trait for a teacher to possess. Maintaining this integrity is of critical importance, because if you lose this handle, your students will lose respect for you, and the relationship will sour rather quickly. Good teachers know how to maintain integrity, since it is a vital cog in the implementation of a strong curriculum delivery. Integrity is one of the most important characteristics in people, and a good teacher must learn how to maintain this integrity at all times. Having integrity basically means that you follow through with what you say, and you do not allow idle threats to dangle in the air. A good teacher knows that in order to gain the respect of the students, it is imperative that you are believable, and you are true to your word. If you falter in this facet, the students will glean the impression that they can walk all over you, since your word is pointless. This is why structure is not always nice, yet it is essential. Students need to know that you care enough to challenge them to do better. Simply accepting mediocre behaviour and work shows that you have no integrity. Demand more of your students, and they will rise to the challenge. When the gauntlet is laid down, it should be picked up with vigour. A good teacher maintains integrity by ensuring that all classroom rules apply to all students, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation. A good teacher will conduct his or her class with the utmost respect, and sense of community. The classroom should be a safe haven for all students, and a place where ideas are cultivated and nurtured. Any slight denigration can sully the integrity of a teacher, rendering their ability to teach nearly useless. The ability to maintain integrity needs to be worked on constantly, and should be ever-evolving. Integrity seems as though it should remain stagnant, but it must become a dynamic character trait, adjusting to the individual needs of a particular classroom and its pupils. Integrity is the lifeblood of the classroom, and a good teacher is responsible for ensuring that it is allowed to grow and develop in a healthy and mature manner. Discipline strategies are the primary place where integrity can be found, as well as with grading. A good teacher should always ensure that the consequences and repercussions of any action are met immediately with the appropriate sanctions, and there should not be any discrepancy in this regard. With grading, the teacher should always have a blind eye when it comes to marking a test or assignment. The students could have a number assigned to their work rather than their name, so that the teacher judges each on its own merit and does not allow their subconscious decisions to be influenced. Grading should always be fair, without any occurrences of a hidden agenda. A good teacher knows this, and maintains their professional integrity by marking in a consistently fair fashion Maintaining integrity will help a teacher become a favourite of students, as they will be able to rely on the teacher, and they will see that person as a solid foundation with which to glean wisdom from on a daily basis. Good teachers educate all students equally, and they keep their integrity intact at all times....
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