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  • Published : January 12, 2015
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Anika Jensen
Per 4 English 4AP
August 9, 2014
Summer Homework
The Awakening
1. What is the author’s purpose in delivering this literary piece to the public? Kate Chopin writes about a high class wife and mother who lives in the United States South named Edna Pontellier who pursues a career as an artist, all the while longing after a man she loved. Kate creates this story in order to convey that women are capable of having the same desires as a man and should be allowed to pursue them. The other women in the town represent the 1800s American society. Chopin wanted to show the women that there were multiple possibilities that they never thought were possibly before. 2. With what tone does s/he deliver it? Record at least two quotes as evidence with your answer. The tone that Chopin uses is one of hopefulness. “The years that are gone seem like dreams” page 293 “This may seem like a ponderous weight of wisdom” page 34 3. What is the theme? The theme of The Awakening is free will. Chopin creates a character that does as she pleases even as that means breaking social construction. 4. What are the important symbols? The beginning of the book takes places with cottages along an ocean. The ocean represents the ups and downs of life just as the tides of the oceans come up and down. 5. Connect the novel’s plot and purpose to a relevant current event. The theme of going against social construction can be compared to Miley Cyrus and her breaking out the social construction that the music industry has put on her. Growing up Miley has been viewed as a perfect child with no compulsion to do anything bad. Now she has embraced her crazy way of life and hides nothing. Slaughter House Five

1. What is the author’s purpose in delivering this literary piece to the public? Vonnegut states at the very beginning of the book that he is writing an anti- war novel to the public. 2. With what tone does s/he deliver...