Summer Lovin'

Topics: Thought, Pet Shop Boys, The Real World Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Summer Lovin’

“Mornin’ Kell!” says the clerk at the local grocery store.
“Good morning, Beck!” I holler back while walking down the stationary isle.

There is just something about a rural town that will never leave your memory. It could quite possibly be the quietness all day, every day or maybe it is the fact that everyone knows everyone on a first name bases. Coming home to Small Town USA was a break from the real world, or so you thought the real world. College life wasn’t so bad, but home was home, ya know? It was comfortable; home cooking every night, and the love for all that always brought you back.

“What can I do ya for?” Beck said like he was overly concerned you wouldn’t find what you needed, just another small perk of the small town.
“Actually, I’m looking for some reading material. Got anything good here?”
“Well, Bryant just brought in the latest of People, Seventeen, and Tattoo Unlimited.”
“I was more looking for a book actually, have any of those?” “Oh, hate to say it, but we quite carrying books; seems like everyone has their iPod or pad, some kind of technology that gives them that at their fingertips, not much of a need for the real deal.” “Bummer! I love the real deal, keeping copies of every book I’ve read, it’s kind of like a trophy in a way.” “I know exactly what you mean; sorry I was of no help today!” Beck really was concerned that he wasn’t able to help, he was the kind of man that wanted the best for everyone, even if it was just giving the customer the undented can of creamed corn, he went the lengths to please everyone, it was just his good nature. With no book in hand I return home, but while walking I notice on the other side of the street there is a new comer to town, not anyone I have ever seen. Watching him as he jay walks to my side of the street, speeding his walk to trot to avoid the cars. I kept close eyes on the new kid in town and begin to realize he’s about as handsome as they come. Mesmerized by...
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