Summer Educational Experiences

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Summer break is finally here! No move school, homework, or tests! Summer is definitely the best time to take off three months of school. The only question of summer is a sometimes daunting yet exciting question. What do you want to do with all this time? I already have my answer! My opinion of the perfect summer is to have plenty of relaxing, enjoying music, and time in the water. What would summer be without a long, quiet, relaxing day? I, like many other people love to relax and enjoy having nothing to do. when school wraps up it’s nice to just kick back in front of the T.V and just spending a few hours of relaxing. While it’s important that you don’t spend all day just lying around, a little bit of relaxing is nice and healthy. What better way is there to enjoy the sunny days of summer than going outside and listening to some great music? I love playing my favorite music. Music can be relaxing and exciting at the same time and fits right into summer. It’s easy to spend a great day just playing around with an instrument and listening to others doing the same. Another one of my favorite pastimes of summer is spending time at the pool. Whether is swimming laps, scuba diving, or just lying on a warm towel there’s always something for me to enjoy at the local pool. The pool is one of my favorite places, especially during the summer when the outside pool is open to the public. I can’t imagine a summer without the community rec. center.

While these activities may not be the most adventurous but they certainly help me enjoy the summer. Besides, something with non-stop work or effort wouldn’t be the best use of a summer. If I did that I would be burnt out before school even started! Relaxation tied in with adventure give a balanced, exciting, and fulfilling summer. I’m looking forward to summer, and with new activities like these who could blame me? So, plantation is best to start with before summer.
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