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Topics: 21st century, Ethics, Contemporary history Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: March 14, 2011
A Caring Society?|
A Caring Society? Summative|
The Emergence of Care as a Public Concern, Defining and Claiming Care, and Promoting the Ethic of Care for a Unjust Society| |
Robin Holmes|
University of Baltimore|


A Caring Society? By Michael D. Fine is about how care has turned into a very important issue in the twenty-first century. Fine offers evidence of the conversion of care from a once private to now a public concern. He does this by discussing our ageing society, the work-life collision, pressure on families and the increasing demand for care of the elderly. He indicates that provision of care can no longer be taken for granted. This summary will review Fine’s findings of: The Emergence of Care, Defining and Claiming Care, and Promoting an Ethic of Care for an Unjust World. In chapter 1 The Emergence of Care according to Fine (2007) “care is an essential feature of social life, yet it no longer fits into the contemporary world in the way that it has in the past” (p.1). Fine introduces care as a complex, contested, and multilayered concept with theories and arguments that has produces many controversies and debates, such as; what care is, who is responsible, and the evolvement into the twenty-first century. In chapter 2 Defining and Claiming Care, Fine points out the controversies that today’s society has with defining the word ‘care’. The author does this by looking at the viewpoint of many scholars and professionals in the social science and clinical arena of caregiving. Also, he makes reference to Hilary Graham’s (2007) concept of ‘care’ as a practice and process with four phases: Caring about, Taking care of, Care-giving, and Care-receiving. Fine (2007) sees caregiving as important and critical to the field of nursing and predicts it is likely to remain contested and will continue to evolve and take on different meaning (pg.51). In chapter 3 Promoting an Ethic of Care for an Unjust World, Fine explains how we are...
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