Summary / Reaction Essay “Money” - Dana Gioia

Topics: Need, Poetry, Girl Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: November 7, 2010
“Money breeds money” , In other words , money creates money. Have you ever heard the expression , “You have to spend money to make money” ? Well , it’s the same approach. Dana Gioia’s poem “Money” appealed to me for this same reason. It seemed so ironic to me that the greatest necessity we need like money is recyclable. In Gioia’s poem , he pretty much summarized what we all do with money. Every stanza describes a different perspective of how we look at and spend money. The poem is basically a collection of common expressions used about money. Which is pretty unusual because authors try to avoid clichés. While reading this poem I could relate to it because as a little girl I saw my parents struggle with money and now that I’ve grown up capable of making money the poem changed my perspective of the world and how it views money.

I strongly agree with the author’s view. All that has been stated within the poem is completely accurate. We share the same views on money . It does wonders for you but still to every good there comes bad. I enjoyed reading this piece because my thoughts were reflected upon the poem. I would definitely recommend this poem because everyone wants / needs money to survive.

I really enjoyed this piece by Dana Gioia. I usually don’t read poems but this one attracted my attention due to the title and its contents. I was impressed by how he knew exactly how I felt about this topic. My favorite stanza of this poem was the last because it’s so true.
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