Summary of Pride and Prejudice

Topics: Family, Jane Austen, Marriage Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: May 21, 2013
* In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is about the Bennett family meeting the Bingleys who have just moved into a home for the time being. As Mrs.Bennett hears of the news she tells the girls to get ready for the ball to meet the Bingleys. Well at the ball Jane, the eldest sister and Mrs.Bennett meet Mr.Bingley who already seems interested in Jane. As they are talking Mrs.Bennett asks about Bingley’s friend Mr.Darcy who is watching everyone dance and when Mrs.Bennett asks if he would like to dance with Lizzie the second eldest daughter, he refuses and walks away. Throughout the movie Lizzie seems to dislike Darcy more and more when she learns about more about him. But as Mrs.Bennett wants Jane and Bingley to become close, she tells Jane that she must go his house in the rain so she can stay there over the weekend and learn more about the Bingleys. Even though Jane isn’t up for the idea she stills obeys her mother’s order and goes to Bingleys house in the rain where she has lunch with Bingley’s sister, Caroline. As soon as Lizzie hears the news that Jane has become ill from the weather she decides to walk to the Bingley’s house to take care of Jane and make sure that she is okay. * As days pass by and Jane and Lizzie return home healthy, Lizzie and her younger sisters go out for a walk where they meet Mr.Wickham a not so good friend of Darcy. When Lizzie runs into Wickham at the ball, he tells her about his past with him and Darcy and why they don’t get along. After Lizzie is done hearing the story she grows more dislike for Wickham. Through the story Mr.Collins, Lizzie’s uncle asks for Lizzie hand in marriage since it will help his social status and everything else. Lizzie winds up rejecting Mr.Collins proposal to where Mr.Collins ends up marrying Lizzie’s friend named Charlotte. * Throughout the movie Bingley goes away to London and Caroline sends Jane a letter saying that Bingley has found someone...
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