Summary of Gothic Horror and Edgar Allen Poe

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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Summary Of gothic horror

What is horror? People find different things scary, so different people have different ideas about what horror actually is. A lot of people enjoy the feeling of being scared, reasons being that it gives them a thrill, lets them take a break from things in their life they may be bored of, they are trying to conquer something the really do have a fear of, or just because that’s who they are. Horror stories include things like suspense, surprise, a setting that gives that “creepy” feeling in the setting, and things that very from author-to-author and director-to-director. Horror literature and movies are said to be more popular with thrill-seekers and people with intense day jobs (like bomb-diffusers or day traders). Another thing about horror, some people thinks it’s more appealing to men. Is it because it women tend to be the victims in horror literature/movies? Some people think a man wouldn’t fit the part of a victim as well as a woman would. I had my own idea that it may be because of the so called “snuggle theory”.

Gothic literature is an early root for modern horror stories; some of the first gothic works were Frankenstein by Mary shelly and The Castle of Otranto. The first works of gothic literature date back to 1765 in Europe. Some characteristics of gothic literature include: Mystery, horror, the grotesque, violence, and the supernatural. A lot of the gothic literature takes place in settings of gothic architecture. Some characteristics of the architecture include: vaulted doors, gargoyles, high ceilings, arches, stained windows, and passageways. Some gothic conventions include: a damsel in distress, secret passageways and corridors, curses, ruined castles with graveyards nearby, priests or monks, and dreams or death-like-states. Some famous gothic writes include Anne Rice, Joyce Carol Oates, Stephen King, Stephanie Myers, and Edgar Allen Poe being one of the most famous.

Edgar Allen Poe, also known as the father of...