Summary of Gattaca

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  • Published : July 24, 2007
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Summary of Gattaca

Vincent Freeman was a naturally born child. He was called "invalids" along with others that were born in the same way. The doctors told his parents that he had a 99% chance of dying of a heart disorder when he was about 30 years old.

His parents decided to have a second child through the genetic route. He had what was the best of his parents and he was named after his father – Anton.

The brothers competed over swimming, but Vincent always lost to Anton – invalids could not beat valids.

Even though Vincent was an invalid, but he also had his dream. Vincent always wanted to be an astronaut and to work in Gattaca – a space exploration centre. He loved the space, but each time he read books about space travel, he was warned by his parents to stop dreaming. Because of his genetic flaws – weak heart and short life, he was unfit for an astronaut.

No matter how hard Vincent works, he was always rejected by the employers. He tried to lie on his resume, but it was no use, people could see his fate by looking at his DNA profile. He got a cleaning job at Gattaca, where he watched the rockets ascend. He wanted to be on the rocket, but his imperfect genes made his dream impossible.

The last time Vincent and Anton had a swimming competition, Anton sank, he was not as strong as he believed. Vincent saved Anton, and now he believed – there is no gene for the human spirit.

When Vincent met Jerome Eugene Morrow, a person who was valid and had perfect genes for an astronaut but was paralyzed, they decided that Vincent would assume Jerome's identity. Then Vincent could get his job as an astronaut and Jerome would have money to smoke and drink. Vincent dyed his hair, had contact lenses instead of glasses, and he had an operation to lengthen his legs. Now Vincent was transferred to Jerome. Each morning Vincent scrubbed off all his dead skins and loose hairs. Then he stuck skins that contained Jerome's blood on his fingertips and bound a bag of...
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