Topics: Cell, Organelle, Eukaryote Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Summary of The Cell Structure
Bora Zivkovic introduces and describes the basic cell structure by using professional and academic language. First of all, she cites some comprehensible examples at the beginning of the article in order to explain that every cell has different size such as the largest animal cell - ostrich egg. She also emphasizes that it’s important to focus on the nuances. Then, she starts her main body. She introduces the basic structure of the cell from outer parts of the cell. A cell is composed of a small packet of liquid which is cytoplasm, it’s a essential part with various organic molecules suspended in it. The cytoplasm is contained within another substance which is cell membrane. After that, she introduces cell membrane exhaustively about the definition and function. Bora writes and divides it into two parts which are outside and inside membrane. It is worth noting that some cells also have hair-like cilia on the surface, or long whip-like flagella at one end. Besides, she introduces briefly about the differences between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes as well. Prokaryotes have a cell membrane and cytoplasm and no other organelles. Eukaryotes have a number of different cell organelles. After that, she begins to go into the details about the cell organelles. Organelles are sub-cellular structures that provide internal compartmentalization and other functions. Then, she describes two functions of internal compartmentalization. One is to place all the chemicals, and the other one is to separate from each other chemicals. She also introduces two different kinds of compartmentalization: spatial compartmentalization and temporal compartmentalization and gives us overall examples. Nucleus is a large membrane-bound organelle, and its function is to sequester the DNA from the rest of the cell. In this section, Bora mentions nuclear membrane and chromosomes as well. What’s more, she continues with smooth ER and rough ER. Smooth ER is a system of...
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