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V. Kumar
Dean Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions Hyderabad

Chemistry - Ist year
Chapter-wise Weightage of Marks Name of the Chapter Atomic Structure Periodic classification of elements Chemical bonding States of matter Stoichiometry Hydrogen and its compounds IA and IIA groups IIIA group IVA group Noble gases Environmental chemistry Organic chemistry Marks Weightage 8 8 8 6 6 6 6 4 4 4 4 12 Type of Questions 1 LAQ (or) 2 SAQ (or) 1 SAQ & 2VSAQ 1 LAQ (or) 1 SAQ & 2 VSAQ 1 LAQ (or) 1 SAQ & 2 VSAQ 1 SAQ & 1 VSAQ 1 SAQ & 1 VSAQ 1 SAQ & 1 VSAQ 1 SAQ & 1 VSAQ 1 SAQ (or) 2 VSAQ 2 VSAQ 1 SAQ 1 SAQ (or) 2 VSAQ 1 LAQ (or) 3 SAQ (or) 2 SAQ & 2 VSAQ

Note : The above analysis is based on previous years question papers

I st Year 1). Long answer questions (8 marks each): These questions may be given from the following chapters 1. Atomic structure 2. periodic classification of elements 3. Chemical bonding 4. Organic chemistry 2). Short answer questions (4 marks each): These questions may come from all the chapters. 3). VSAQ ( 2 marks each): These questions may come from all the chapters

NOTE: 1).The chapter to which 4 marks weightage is given, from that chapter either one SAQ or two VSAQ may be given. 2). The chapter to which 6 marks weightage is given ,from that chapter one SAQ and one VSAQ may be given. 3).For scoring cent percent marks concentrate much on VSAQ, because there is no internal choice in VSAQs. 4). For scoring nearly 50 % of marks students need to rely on important questions but for the best score they need to be thorough with all the concepts and all the questions(including assert yourself type of questions) given in the telugu academy text book.

5).The scoring in IPE is not that difficult because a).Generally standard and important questions will be asked. b).There is an Internal choice in SAQ's and LAQ's. c).Sufficient time for revision of each subject. 6).Stress or tension can be overcomed if the following points are taken care of:...
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