Sula Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography Sula

Morrison, Toni. Sula. [1st ed. New York: Knopf; [distributed by Random House], 19741973. Print.

The beginning of the book takes place in a place called the Bottom, and the first person they talk about is Shadrack. He has returned from WWI a veteran, and when he finally gets out of the hospital after being injured, he starts National Suicide Day as a way to deal with death. Then we meet Helene Sabat, her grandmother Cecile, and her daughter Nel. Helene is very strict. Nel becomes friends with the main character Sula, which marks the start of a lifelong friendship. Helene, however, doesn't approve of Sula's mother, Hannah. Sula's family is very different from Nel's. Sula's house is always crazy. Hannah has a habit of sleeping with married men, she thinks of sex as fun and not a big deal. Sula begins the same behavior shortly after. We get to know more about the friendship between Sula and Nel, and a lot happens to them over the years. Sula learns that her mom doesn't really like her, she and Nel are involved in an accident that results in a boy named chicken little drowning. Sula's mom Hannah dies in a fire; Nel gets married to a man named Jude; and Sula leaves town for ten years, returns, and has an affair with Jude. A few years later, Sula gets involved with a man named Ajax, but when he senses that she's getting too possessive, he leaves her. Sula falls ill shortly after that and eventually dies.The book goes ahead about 25 years. Nel visits Sula's grandmother Eva in the senior home. Eva accuses Nel of standing by and letting Chicken Little drown all those years ago. We find out that it's true: Nel watched him drown and enjoyed it. As she's leaving, she passes Shadrack on the street, who is also lost in sad thoughts. Suddenly, Nel calls out for Sula and finally forgives her for cheating with Jude. The book ends with Nel grieving for the loss of Sula. 

Sula is a classic because you can read it and then 10 years later read...
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