Suicide Theme in Hamlet

Topics: Sophocles, Oedipus, Antigone Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Christian Arias
Professor Jared Fowler
English 102
28 September 2012

Antigone: Importance of being woman with tough character
Antigone by Sophocles .Creon: The King of Thebes, a very strong person and a supporter of civic law who knew his position and power after becoming a king. Creon had too much power and wealth that he would command anything without getting questions back from his servants. Back in the days only men would become a king and no women had the rights to have such powers. The community would think that women would not have enough character, wisdom and courage to dominate a kingdom. Antigone showed us a different aspect about what she did and realizing that death would not be a problem, nor painful. Antigone asks her sister Ismene to help her out to bury her brother Polyneices who died in a battle, but considered as traitor for fighting against Thebes. Utterly, She disagree about this decision from her sister. “Think how much terrible than these our own death would be if we should go against Creon” (pg.466). Even though, Antigone is conscious of the consequences if she would dare to do it. Death would be the only pay off for that such as revealing. It seems to Ismene was very feeble and not strong enough to face up to Creon. Antigone was not just trying to be unfair by going against the laws; she just wants a proper burial for her brother Polyneices. Literally Antigone was a very courageous person that any men would not even challenge to go against king’s laws. This is how women have such as same courage as men to clash any superior commands. Antigone was not afraid at all, and willing to die with honor. Becoming a traitor is not just going against a law if someone is looking for fairness. In Greek time, people would find so many unjust commands from their kings, but they had to live with it if they did not want to die. Antigone is finally caught in her action by Creon’s attendants and took her to the palace to...
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