Sugars and Plant Growth Data

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How the Addition of Extra Sugar Affects the Growth of Plants

Lacey Fish
Florence Nguyen
Danielle Wang
Julia Wu

Botany 10MWF
April 4, 2006

1.20 Mung beans
2.4 plastic cups
4.Turbino sugar
5.Distilled water
7.Graduated cylinders
8.Stir plate
11.Ruler with cm measurements
12.Stir bar

We chose this project because we were curious to see how the amount of raw sugar in the soil surrounding a seed during the first 2 weeks of its life affects its growth. We proposed that it would help the plant because one of the results of photosynthesis was a product of sugar. We thought that perhaps a raw sugar would be absorbed through the roots and provide the plant with more energy. We chose Turbino sugar as our raw sugar.

1.Form a hypothesis.
2.Soak the Mung beans for around 24 hours to loosen the seed coats. 3.Make the water/Turbino solutions.
Use a scale to measure .5, 1.0, and 1.5 grams of Turbino sugar Then, add each amount to a separate beaker and add 50 mL of distilled water to each beaker. Set each beaker on a stir plate with a stir bar and leave until the sugar is completely dissolved. 4.Label the four cups as Cup 1, 2, 3, and 4, with Cup 1 being the .5g of sugar, Cup 2 being the 1.0g of sugar, Cup 3 being the 1.5g of sugar, and Cup 4 as the control. 5.Fill the four cups with equal amounts of soil.

6.Plant 5 mung beans in each of the cups about 1 cm below the soil. 7.Water each of the plants with their water solution.
8.Keep track of the plants’ growth throughout the next 2 weeks and take measurements. To take more accurate measurements, measure the length of the plant with string, then lay the string along the ruler. 9.At the end of the 2 weeks, collect data and see if the beginning hypothesis was correct.

Data Collected:

Seed Rangers
*seed coat discarded
*used hot plate stirrer (to dissolve sugar)
*seeds planted ~ 1cm down
*used Turbino sugar
Sugar AmountWater AmountDirt Amount
Cup 1.506g50mL37.323g
Cup 21.009g50mL38.290g
Cup 3 1.501g50mL37.794g
Cup 4 (Control)0g50mL37.405g

*soil is damp, will not be watered this weekend
Cup 11 visible sprout
0.5 cm above ground
growing vertically
Cup 22 visible sprouts
0.5 cm above ground
growing vertically
Cup 31 visible sprout
less than half a cm above ground, can not be measured
growing vertically
Cup 4 (control)1 visible sprout
0.2 cm above ground
growing horizontally

Seed Rangers
*each plant received 25 mL of water
Cup 14 visible sprouts
5.5 cm
1.5 cm
1.0 cm
1.0 cm
one with leaves
visible cotyledons
Cup 24 visible sprouts
3.9 cm have leaves
3.0 cm leaves grew downward
2.0 cm top portion is missing, only stem is left
0.5 cm
Cup 33 visible sprouts
2.6 cm
2.5 cm
2.2 cm
Cup 4 (control)5 visible sprouts
10.2 cm have leaves
8.4 cm have leaves
7.2 cm have leaves
3.3 cm have leaves
1.0 cm

Seed Rangers
*did not collect data yesterday
*today all plants received 25mL of water
*the taller plants are tilting because there is not enough soil. Grids are set up in the control cup to help plant grow straighter

Cup 14 visible sprouts
8.0 cm (2 leaves)
6.1 cm (2 leaves)
2 cm (no leaves)
1.0 cm (curled)
Cup 24 visible spouts
7.1 cm (2 leaves)
6.5 cm (2 leaves)
4.8 (2 leaves, curled downward)
4.0 (2 leaves curled downward)
Cup 34 visible sprouts
4.1 cm
3.1 cm
3.0 cm
2.2 cm
Cup 4 (control)4 visible sprouts
13.5 cm
13.2 cm
12.5 cm
7.5 cm

Seed Rangers
*each plant received 25 mL of water
Cup 14 visible sprouts
10.3 cm (2 leaves, tilting)
7.8 cm (2 leaves)
3.0 cm (2 leaves)
2.8 cm (lost top,...
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