Sugar Cane Alley

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Sugar Cane Alley
Sugar Cane Alley is directed by Eucha Palcy in 1983. It takes place in Martinique where the black people working at the sugarcane fields. In the movie, I can totally able to understand what the life of the black peoples was in 1980s. They are living under the power and authority of the white people. “The white own all the lands. The law forbids them to beating us (the blacks) but it does not force them to pay us a decent wages.” An old sugar cane worker tells a story of Africa to the main character, Jose. These few conversations make me think of the strong colonialism in Africa. The white people have the right to control the blacks. Therefore, the development and civilization of Africa is influenced by the white people’s culture, education and etc. The colonialism may be a bad thing for the blacks due to the unfair treatments. However, when we look at the future, the past colonialism may bring some benefits for the next generation. It means modernization. Those experiences and history of Africa are the tool of modernization. People learn from the past and make changes. This is how I deal with my life and the mistakes that I will make.

When I look at the black people who are living under the unfair treatments, it makes me think of the humanity. Nowadays, the world claims that “everyone is equal”. However, is this statement is true? Or is this statement does exist in the world among different nationality? I do not think everyone can able to exactly treat people equally. Hence, the idea of racism and superiority complex may still exist in some of the people’s heart. From this point of view, I think of the importance of education. I am so glad that I can able to attend to BYU-Hawaii. It cannot be denied that the people educated people are totally no bias on other people. However, the knowledge that I learn can give me an opportunity to know more about the world and I can able to create my own perspective. What I believe is everyone is equal and...
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