Sudanese Customs and Traditions

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Sudanese Customs and Traditions
Sudanese Hospitality
• Sudanese people are well-known by their hospitality all over the world. 2. At occasions such as RAMADAN
• Sudanese hospitality seems clearly in RAMADAN ;When all neighbors and relatives sit together on street And invite every one walk through the street as they Have known him for long time. In addition they present All types of local food such as(aseeda ,waka…)and all Types of drinks:(;…)but the special drink For them is(hilo mur ) which is prepared long time Before ramadan by womens. 3. At every time

• In Sudan there is no hard and strict rules for punctuality ;Sudanese people receive guests smiling in every time even they are sad ; because they think that the smile is the key of hearts .also they think that guest Take every thing good with him so they present every Thing They have.This characteristic is mentioned in Sudanese songs and poems which are considered the reference for Their culture. 4. HILO MUR ASEEDA

5. Collective work
• It as an important characteristic in Sudanese society ,it is a voluntary work known as (nafeer) in which all the youth gather together to help inside families or within societies as example in rural villages if some one who has just married wants to build a house for settling all the family and neighbors work with him .• 6. • An other kind of help is the financial, in sadness and happiness ; known as (al kashef ) and it is in a large domain due you may help some one actually you do not know but they believe that people are for each other because it is something in them but not as away of showing boasting and luxury . 7. Costumes in sudan

8. • Clothing are an important indication of societies culture and history .• The national dress for men is (GALABIA) and women is (Toab) 9. • The costume affected by environment and culture in Sudan , Eastern Sudan as well as Northern and Western Sudan.••• WEST 10. EAST

11. • TOAB makes a Sudanese women distinguished from...
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