Successful Teens

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Young adult Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Rafael Barbosa
ENG 111-53
Essay #3, The Argument Essay: Final
Nov. 09, 2011

Successful Teens

The choices people make each day; result in consequences that shape them into who they are. So the earlier teens get to make their own decisions the better. Parents should allow their teens to decide for themselves at a young age so that they could learn from their mistakes. Of course parents should also supervise their teens, so that when things truly do get out of hand, they can be there to guide them towards the right direction. Allowing teens to make their own decisions early on in their lives is essential for their development in becoming independent and successful adults.

“Teens are capable of feats of learning and daring marvelous enough to make a grown-up weep with jealousy.” (Shute) Parents often underestimate their teenagers by thinking they don’t know better. They believe teens do not have enough experience in life to make their own decisions. Teens do not have enough experience to make good decisions but they will never gain any experience if they do not make decisions in the first place. There is no easier way to gain experience than to take risks and fail.

Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how old they are. Some mistakes are graver than others, but no matter how dramatic the consequences may be, people always learn from them. Allowing teens to make their own mistakes will make it possible for them to gain more knowledge and experience. “Parents should provide opportunities for kids to explore the world” (Kantrowitz), and by doing so their children will become more independent.

There is nothing worst than depending on someone. Independence is essential for someone’s success. What parents do not know is that “most adolescents begin psychosocial growth by distancing from their caregivers.” (Ford) Parents need to give teens their...
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