Success of the Mongolian Empire

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The Success of the Mongolian Empire

September 16, 2012
Mr. Jackson
World History AP

The Mongol invasion of China was perhaps one of the greatest political, social, and economic commotions in Chinese history. Obscure people, who lived the Gobi Desert, present day Outer Mongolia, accomplished it. The Mongols were a prestige nomadic group of people who gained prominence in the 13th century. The Mongols transformed Russia and China in many significant ways .One major way was consisting of a dominant military occupation for both countries. The invasion of China done by the Mongols extended for six decades in the 13th century. The result of this invasion was the destruction of the Sung Dynasty, and the creation of the Yuan Dynasty, one of the shortest lived of the major Dynasties in Chinese history. The Mongol Empire started their victory under the rule of Chinngis Khan in 1206. By the year 1279, the Mongol leader Kublai Khan continued the empire’s triumph with establishing the Yuan Dynasty. Despite, the Mongols impact on Russia the Mongolian Empire was defeated time after time which resulted in the success of the empire. To comprehend the Mongol invasion and its effects on Chinese culture you must trace back to the start of this empire. Temujin, later called Chinnghis Khan, was the son of a local Chieftain who had a small clan. His father passed of poison when he was still young and abandoned Temujin. At the age of forty Temujin was elected Grand Khan of the Mongols in 1206. Although he had a difficult start, when he died twenty years later, his rule extended from the Caspian to the northern coast of China. Genghis Khan was perhaps one of the greatest military visionaries in human history, and his armies were perhaps the best-trained horsemen in all of history. Genghis Khan would also organize his troops into decimal units. Moreover, his armies were very mobile and could travel far reaching distances at quick paces.

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