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Subway Profile

Subway “Eat Fresh, Live Green”. That mission statement right away tells everyone what Subway is all about. Most people would probably consider Subway to be a fast food sandwich shop but as signs in the shop say “The only fast thing about us is our queue”. Subway wants to delight every customer so that they tell their friends.

The first Subway was opened by Fred DeLuca, who had set out to fulfil a dream of becoming a medical doctor and decided thanks to a friend to open a submarine sandwich shop to help pay for his education. Fred and his friend Dr. Peter Buck got a loan of $1,000 to open the submarine sandwich shop which now we know as Subway. Subway opened in August 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Both men had decided that the goal for Subway was to operate 32 stores in 10 years. By 1974 they had 16 Subways up and running. Knowing they would not reach the goal set back in 1965 the two men decided to franchising and launching the Subway brand into the global brand it is today.

Subway has amassed 37,885 restaurants in 99 countries. For something that started off as just a way to make money for a man to live his dream of becoming a doctor, it has turned into one of the biggest food chains in the world. These numbers mean that Subway has the most restaurants in the world of any other restaurant chain.

Subway has three big values and philosophy.

Family – Subway build their business relationships by treating each other, the customers and communities like family. These brings a very close feeling to the whole franchise.

Teamwork – Subway challenge themselves to succeed through teamwork against goals shared by everyone at Subway and to all be accountable for their responsibilities.

Opportunity – Subway create great chances for entrepreneurs, by allowing people with good business sense to open a franchise of their own.

The Structure and Employees

The structure for Subway starts at the main headquarters in...
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