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The Subway® is mainly selling submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads to their customer. It is a strong and growing brand which is known for fresh and healthy made-to-order sandwiches. It provides low fat menu and allows their customer to mix-and-match the ingredients into their subs according to their preferences. Besides, Subway® also offers other products such as soft drinks, snacks and cookies. Customers are allowed to combine their subs, drinks and snacks in order to getting a cheaper offer. Furthermore, Subway® also provides some nutrition tips for their customer to lower the fat and calories, sodium and increase the fiber in their subs (refer to Appendix II). As people are the most important resources in every company, Subway® do provide on-the-job training program for their employees who always communicate and served the customer. This program will dictate what is expected from each employee. The customer base of Subway® is varied but the marketing is typically focused on 16 to 39 years old. During our observation, there are mostly office workers appear in the restaurant to have their lunch. Some of the office workers choose to stay in the restaurant to enjoy their subs. On the other hand, some of them decide to take away their subs. Besides, there are also some different group of customers such as teenager, foreigner, and family. In addition, the restaurant also provide Wi-Fi for their customer which allow them to access to the Internet to do some activities such as send document to client or business partner, assignments, and surfing the Internet.
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