Substance Abuse Case Study

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  • Published : July 17, 2011
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When working with Amy as a mother of three, and a husband who works long hours with no time to spend with her or the children. I would establish a trusting relationship to conduct a thorough assessment, use the Minnesota Model to get her back on track, and build a solid treatment plan to keep the continuity of care for Amy and her family. Assessment is the process of gathering information and diagnosis is the conclusion that is reached based on the assessment (Fisher&Harrison,2009). So, when working with Amy reframing from making a diagnosis and rather concluded what will help her and her family, is what I will concentrate on doing. Reading her psychosocial history and AOD use history before she comes into my office will give me a better understanding of what is going on in her life now and in the past. In addition, what can be done to get her life back together. Intervening with Amy by asking open-ended questions is where ill begin when she first comes in I already know what has been told to me in the case study. Therefore, knowing that Amy has three children, a husband that has no time for his family, and has always thought that having a family everything would be perfect. Amy was an only child; that may be misinterpreted as the "Escape Goat" of the family at times. Amy’s father died, her mother is an alcoholic, and when her mother was no longer able to care for herself anymore due to her drinking, Amy began taking care of her mother as well as everything else that is going on in her life. Amy feels worthless, insecure, does not have any support from her husband, and feels that her mother’s drinking and father’s death is her fault that Amy begins to drink herself to numb all of her own feelings and pain that she is feeling. The Minnesota Model is an abstinence orientated, comprehensive, multi-professional approach to the treatment of the addictions, based on Alcoholics Anonymous (Fisher&Harrison,2009). This intense program offers group therapy,...