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Topics: Gothic fiction, Mary Shelley, Frankenstein Pages: 5 (1372 words) Published: April 14, 2013
| Subject/Unit Outline|

Course:| A2 English Literature| |
Teacher(s):| Lucy Turner, Mark Halton, Nigel Tookey| Year:| 2012 / 2013| | |
Student:| | Personal Tutor:| | |
Subject/Unit Title: | AQA Eng Lit Spec B Unit 3: Texts and Genres & Unit 4: Further and Independent Reading| | |

Subject/Unit Summary:Unit 3: Texts & Genres. Students will explore generic characteristics of Gothic literature; how structure, form and language shape meaning, examine wider interpretations and relevant context, and some connections between the different literary texts under study.Unit 4: Further and Independent Reading. Through two pieces of coursework, students will demonstrate detailed evaluation of texts. Coursework One: Make connections between two texts demonstrating wider and independent reading. Coursework Two: Apply a particular critical approach and literary framework to a text, demonstrating the significance and influence of a context in which literary texts are written and understood.|

Standard Texts/References: Mary Shelley Frankenstein/Angela Carter The Bloody Chamber/William Shakespeare MacbethStudents own choice of literary texts for coursework plus ‘AQA Anthology of Literary Criticism’ provided by College|

Wk No| W/C| Subject/Topic/Skills| Assessment Details| Notes/References(e.g. trips, guest speakers etc.)| 0613| 03.09.12 22.10.12| Welcome students backOverview of second yearUnit 3: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: review progress of novel Detailed evaluation and study of Shelley’s novelLiterary responses to textEvaluate language, structure and formDiscuss range of contextual issues in relationship to novel.Revision of and further study of Gothic Elements; applying Gothic concepts to Frankenstein.Directed study/ small and whole group discussion and activities/ timed essays/group presentations/worksheets/independent researchUnit 4: Anthology of critical material: Political (Feminism/Marxism), Aesthetic/moral and linguistic (metaphor, rhetoric, allegory and symbol), The Literary Canon (judgement and value)Bring into discussion throughout term and apply theories to Frankenstein and coursework text & question.Students to Identify an appropriate text from Unit 1 and complete first draft of coursework AST: any Frankenstein ‘catch up’, coursework preparation and guidance. Re-sit advice.| AO1AO2AO3AO4Key skillsILTAO3AO4Equality & DiversityAO2AO3AO4| Wk 6 - 16-19 Y1 classes start (Wed 05.09.12)Wk 7 - 16-19 Y2, 14-16 Y1 & 2, HE/Adult FE Sem 1 classes start (10.09.12)Wk 8 - Open Day – Saturday 22.09.12Wk 10 - Voc Welcome Evening (03.10.12) / A Level Induction (Thu 04.10.12)Wk 11 - College Improvement Day / 16-19 Open Evening (Thu 11.10.12)Wk 12 - HE Open Event XLC (Wed 17.10.12)UNIT 4: Proposal for ‘Critical Anthology’ coursework WEEK 11| 14| 29.10.12| HALF TERM| | |

1521| 05.11.12 17.12.12| UNIT 3: Complete Frankenstein with further focus on Gothic genreUNIT 4: Complete final draft 1st piece of coursework – based on ‘Critical Anthology’Revision for Re-sits Unit 1 and/or re-submission of coursework with mock exam NovemberWorkshops on variety of wider reading texts for UNIT 4 2nd coursework pieceConnections of texts by themes/aspects/narrative styles/genre etcComparing and contrasting of texts- exercises/tasks/Designing questions with studentsUNIT 3: Introduce Carter and The Bloody ChamberGothic fairy talesBiographical and social backgroundBegin evaluation of short storiesDirected study/ small and whole group discussion and activities/ timed essays/group presentations/worksheets/independent researchAST: Further support with Unit 3 texts and essay writing skills, guidance with drafting, independent reading and preparation for coursework. Unit 1 exam re-sit/Unit 2 re-submission support| AO1AO2AO3AO4Equality and DiversityKey skills written communication| Wk...
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