Subfields of Psychology

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  • Published : August 12, 2011
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The Subfields of Psychology:

1. Behavioral geneticsstudies the inheritance of traits related to behavior
2. Behavioral neuroscienceexamines the biological basis of behavior

3. Clinical psychologydeals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of psychological disorders
4. Clinical neuropsychologyunites the areas of biopsychology and clinical psychology focusing on the relationship between biological factors and psychological disorders

5. Cognitive psychologyfocuses on the study of higher mental processes

6. Counseling psychologyfocuses primarily on educational, social, and career adjustment problems
7. Cross-cultural psychologyinvestigates the similarities and differences in psychological functioning in and across various cultures and ethnic groups.

8. Developmental psychologyexamines how people grow and change from the moment of conception through death 9. Educational psychologyis concerned with teaching and learning processes, such as the relationship between motivation and school performance 10. Environmental psychologyconsiders the relationship between people and their physical environment

11. Evolutionary psychologyconsiders how behavior is influenced by our genetic inheritance from our ancestors. 12. Experimental psychologystudies the processes of sensing, perceiving, learning, and thinking about the world. 13. Forensic psychologyfocuses on legal issues, such as determining the accuracy of witness memories

14. Health psychologyexplores the relationship between...
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