Subcultures of Men and Women

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Subculture Facts of Men and Women
Society expects different behaviors from women and men. As a female I have experienced this up close and personal. Growing up, my parents expected me to behave differently than my brothers. I was always expected to do more around the house, while, it was okay for my brothers to slack, so to speak. My brothers were expected to do the outside work; things like mowing the lawn and cleaning the gutters were left to them while I had to do the dishes and make all the beds. In society, specifically the American society, appropriate guidelines are different for men and women. Colors

For example, (Hue Consulting) uses colors to see the difference between the two. Pink is associated with girls and blue for boys. Parents unconsciously reinforce gender roles. Another example from my text book states that the toys and games parents select for children are often unconsciously intended to socialize them into the appropriate gender roles. Girls receive dolls in an attempt to socialize them into future roles as mothers. When boys receive dolls, more than likely they are action figures that are meant to bring out aggressive tendencies. Gender inequality is very common.

Until 1832, women were not even allowed to attend college with men. It says, when women were admitted to colleges attended my men they had to wash the male students’ clothing, clean their rooms, and serve their meals. It also states that women were advised not to study at all during menstruation. As a female in society today, I think this is ridiculous! Femininity is often perceived in terms of weakness and lack of accomplishment. I strongly disagree! I support feminism, which is the philosophy that men and women should be politically, economically, and socially equal, 100%. Upon conception, the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg, our sex is determined. We behave the way we do...
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