Sub-Cultures within the Latino Culture in America

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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There are many different cultures and people from different ethnic backgrounds throughout all of the United States. We have many different people that migrated here from all types of countries and from all of the continents. The main culture I will be talking about today in my interviews is the Mexican culture. The Latino culture contains many sub cultures including many South American countries and Central America. This will be an in depth interview of Mexican culture, but it is only a small fraction compared to the amount of different cultures we have in our country today.

The first person that I interviewed was my girlfriend, Amarise Christine Morales. Amarise was born in Tulare, Ca, but has lived in Fresno, Ca most of her life. Her family originated from Guadalajara, Mx. She says her family has many traditions for different types of events or purposes. For example, every New Years her abuela will cook a big 5 gallon pot of menudo. Every Christmas Eve her family will get together and make tamales for the holidays. “It’s a very fun time with the family and we all stay up late eating and opening presents” said Amarise.

On Christmas Eve it’s a tradition for them to go to Midnight Mass and afterwards they open up their gifts. “One thing that’s easy to notice about my family, we all speak Spanish” said Amarise. “If you’re around my family and you want to speak to my grandparents, you must speak to them in Spanish. If you do not, its kind of like insulting to them.” Church is also a major tradition in Mexican Culture. Amarise was baptized when she an infant. She made her communion when she was in the fourth, her family was very proud. She then continued to make her confirmation in her early teenage years. This made her grandparents even more proud of her and showed her obedience to Jesus El Padre.

When Amarise turned 15 years old she had a quinceyera. She says it was her favorite birthday out of them all. She had a huge party at a hall with her friends and...
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