Stupid Things We Do on Social Media

Topics: Want, Facebook, Need to know Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: August 2, 2011
Almost every college student and teacher in Pilgrim Christian College use Social Media because it’s a tool to be social. Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, and Plurk, are just some of the examples of these websites. Unfortunately, many of us do the most insane things on these sites that would make others roll their eyes, drop their jaw, and sometimes is downright pathetic. If you haven’t notice it in yourself, read along and maybe this article will help you realize.

First off, I have observed that some people think their every movement should be announced. “I’m watching Transformers later, who wants to go with me?”; “I don’t wanna do my homework!” Please, we know you’re bored, but maybe, instead of tweeting about your bowel movements today, as you always do, maybe you should read about what’s happening in the world on Yahoo! News for a change.

Have you ever noticed some of your friends who change their relationship statuses every other week? I did, but by the time I asked them who or why, the only reply I get is a, “joke ra uy”. I’m thinking, “Come on!” Are you single, or in a relationship? Is it complicated? It’s not too hard. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Here’s another one, there are some who setup FB accounts for their 3-year-old sibling or kid, or worse, their dog! We need to know that there are restrictions and age limits for these sites. It is very important to protect the right of a child even if they already know how this sites work. Sexual predators are nothing to joke around. On the other hand, we’d like to see the day your dog gets trained to log on to his own FB account.

“I hate my life, my mom doesn’t want me to go with my friends tonight…huhuh”. You know these people who pity themselves and expects the world to be aware of their misery right? I think, being EMO (emotional), as what it’s commonly known, is a little exaggerating for a Christian. Instead of concentrating on the negative things in your life, why not look at the bright side? Remember, what you...
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